About Us

We are a group of Democratic, Republican, and Independent New Hampshire voters who, in response to radical political change and threats to social order, are united to protect and advance values that America holds dear.

These values include addressing

  • economic inequity and the needs of working people,
  • advocacy for the rights of racial, religious and ethnic minorities, women and other groups,
  • respect for democracy and the rule of law, and
  • an engaged and informed citizenry.

Our Team:

Sam & Julie Osherson, Nelson
Kathy & Ray Bollerud, Harrisville
Linda Cates, Nelson
Michael Cornog, Nelson
Nicki Demarest and Joe Schapiro, Keene
Melanie Everard, Marlborough

Mark Fernald, Sharon
Andrea Hodson, Harrisville
Judi Lang, Nelson
Sandy & Kip MacKenzie, MD, Nelson
Amy Whitney and Gary Robinson, Nelson
Sharon & Jim Rousmaniere, Roxbury
Elizabeth Williams and Michael French, Nelson