​Thank you for your interest in our public schools. The NH House will be voting on SB 193, the school voucher bill, on or about January 3, 2018. Pulling together, we can defeat this unfair, discriminatory bill . When constituents contact their reps, it has a real impact!

The link below goes to an interactive map of New Hampshire Representatives, and will help you find their official contact information. By emailing or calling, you can urge him or her directly to reject this expensive and unfair bill. 

You might also want to let friends or neighbors know about this important issue so they can also make their voices heard. New Hampshire children deserve better than SB 193.

NH Representatives, contact information
Indivisible Guide to action
more information about SB 193
NH Senators, contact information
U.S. Senators, contact information
U.S. Representatives, contact information