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Four Troubling Questions About SB 193
And The Children’s Scholarship Fund 

1. Testimony at recent hearings indicates that the House Education Committee has apparently decided that the Children’s Scholarship Fund and its NH affiliate will be the recipient of the 5% administrative funds if SB193 passes. What criteria were used in this selection, and is the process open to other organizations? Will there be a Request for Proposals to assure competitive bidding?

2. CSF-NH is apparently the local office of a NY-based organization that would control SB193 administrative funds.  Our reading of the CSF financials indicates that the Sr. VP/CFO earned total compensation of over $290,000 in 2015. Do NH voters want their tax money spent on salaries of out-of-state executives rather than on their children’s public schools?

3. The CSF has spent more than $200,000 on “grassroots lobbying” for its causes in recent years. Should tax dollars be used to promote political agendas rather than public education?  

4. The CSF also operates a scholarship program called the “Giving and Going Alliance (GGA),” which in NH state records is listed as a trade name owned by the Concord Christian Academy Giving and Going Alliance.  GGA's website says its mission is to help children attend faith-based schools.  What is the legal relationship between CSF and GGA, and what assurances do NH taxpayers have that their public school tax dollars will not be used by a faith-based organization to further its own purposes? 

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